9 Tips for Making Thin Hair Look Thicker

If there's one thing people with trichotillomania are an expert in (besides pulling out their hair), it's making thin hair look thick. I knew exactly how to comb my hair to make sure no one saw my bald spots. I wore different width headbands depending on how bad my pulling had been. I wore my hair in a low, side pony-tail for months to cover up my favorite spot to pull from.

Now, I'm a hairstylist. I work with clients who have concerns over their balding or thinning hair. There is no set way that people bald, especially when trichotillomania is involved; however, there are some general hair tips that can help you disguise your thin hair like a pro. This week, I'm sharing some tricks of the trade to make your hair look thicker.

If you have any tips of your own, please share in the comments section below!

Scrunching Curls.gif

1. Embrace the curls.

Wavy and curly hair has a lot of natural body and volume, so why not use that to your advantage? Invest in products for curly hair and sleep in a braid or bun to accentuate those amazing curls. Straightening your curls will only damage your hair and make it lose its natural texture.

hair part.gif

2. It's all in the part.

If you've worn your hair with one part for a long time, the hairs might be trained to lay flat on top of each other. Change up your style and try a side, zig-zag, or undefined part for lift at the root. Zig-zag and undefined parts also don't expose a lot of scalp.

Too Hot.gif

3. Beware of the heat.

Ever touch a hot stovetop? You might pull your hand away fast enough to not do any serious damage, but your skin still hurts. Heat affects your hair similarly. Applying heat to your hair breaks down the hair shaft and changes your hair texture (i.e. curly hair will get straighter). The last thing that thin hair needs is anything that can damage it, so keep your hair healthy by staying away from the heat.

Blow Dry Upside Down.gif

4. Try the upside down.

If you blow dry your hair, flip your head upside-down and use your fingers to tousle your hair for added volume at the root. Using brushes to smooth out wet hair while blow drying has the potential to make the hair look flatter if not done right. You can smooth your hair out with a round brush and low-medium heat dryer once your hair is dry.

Velcro Roller.gif

5. Roll it up.

For extra volume, apply dry texture spray on dry hair and set your hair in velcro rollers for 10 minutes (no heat required). You'll be amazed at how long the volume lasts in your hair.

cut hair gif.gif

6. Longer doesn't mean thicker.

Medium to short haircuts are the best for fine and thin hair. Long hair tends to get weighed down and look flat and stringy. Keeping your hair shorter and getting regular cuts will also ensure that you can avoid dead ends and your hair stays healthier.

Pancake Braid.gif

7. Fluff it up & pull it apart.

Looking for added thickness for braids and ponytails? Gently pull apart a pinch of hair to loosen up the hair. For ponytails, try pulling the hair from the base of the ponytail. You can even add a little hairspray to the loosened style to make sure it lasts all day.

Scalp Treatment.gif

8. Show your scalp some love.

We often are so focused on our hair that we forget to take care of the place it's growing out of. Next time you're at the hair salon, ask for a scalp treatment. Scalp treatments unclog your hair follicles and stimulate blood flow, which promotes hair growth and allows for nutrients to better nourish your hair.

Hair Products.gif

9. Invest in good hair products.

You know the saying "you are what you eat"? Your hair is the same way! Yes, it's easy to find hair products on the cheap, but that doesn't mean you're doing your hair a favor. Ask your hairstylist what would be the best for your hair and scalp. Do your own research before purchasing products. You might not see a difference in the first couple weeks, but your hair will thank you in the long run.